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Baby Boy Nursery

Our baby boy Aero is finally here! I didn't know it was possible, but our hearts have literarily grown a bajillion times bigger and we are so incredibly in love with him!

His nursery has been a place we spend so much time in and I am so excited to share the space with all its' details today. Some of you may recognize a lot of the furniture and that is because we are reusing all of our older son, Kailo's, pieces. We gave Kailo a big boy room and simply just moved everything into Aero's room. Once Aero is older and grows into his independence, likes and dislikes, we plan to give him a big boy room that will be unique, just for him.

I am so happy with how his nursery turned out, and even though the furniture is not brand new, the new addition of accessories and lighting makes the space feel brand new and has been such a special room as we welcomed him home! It is a neutral nursery, but my favorite thing is that it feels fresh and peaceful. So, without further ado, please enjoy!

My favorite new addition is his custom name sign. It is simple + intentional and bring the whole room together.

I opted to use a flush mount light rather than a pendant or chandelier type fixture. Since the room is smaller, a flush mount makes the space feel bigger and you can really sense the 9' ceiling height.

The animal prints will never get old! They are so cute, but also a great learning moment to go through animals, what sounds they make and even colors! I also am obsessed with the little faux lemon tree! I wanted something different than the popular olive tree you see time and time again. The lemons are so cute and add a subtle touch of color to the room.


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