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Guest Bedroom Reveal

I am so excited to share our guest bedroom today! Since we moved to Arizona, our friends and family have made such a big effort to visit us, so much so that we joke we're an Air BnB! This has been such a blessing because it has helped the transition to a new state where we didn't know any one so much smoother and less lonely. In a weird way, we feel closer to our loved ones now that we live in a different state because the time we get together is so much more quality over quantity. That is why furnishing our guest bedroom was a top priority for us when we moved into our house. We wanted to create a cozy space for our family and friends to enjoy (and want to come back to)! It is the first (mostly) completed room in our house and we just love the outcome!

We opted for two twin beds because it made the most sense for us. Many times, we would have friends who are not couples and wouldn't feel as comfortable sharing a bed. We figured its less awkward for a couple to split up compared to making a non-couple be in the same bed.

I've also gathered all the links to everything in this room so please enjoy!


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