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Ikea Play Kitchen Hack

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

We hopped on the bandwagon and spruced up the Ikea Play Kitchen for our son! The result is just too cute! Kailo LOVES his new kitchen and I am happy too because it fits right in with the neutral design of our house!

Here is what we did:

-Replaced hardware

-Added knobs

-Added backsplash- we printed this at Walgreens on 20" x 30" poster board, cut it to size and super glued it down

-Spray painted the sink white

-Spray painted the faucet and rod gold

I also added fun little decorative, kid friendly items like little bowls + canister and completed the look with the faux plant!

I think Kailo would have been happy with his kitchen weather it was “cute” or not but this was a fun little project and we all love how it turned out!



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