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Media Wall Built-ins

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

My family spends the majority of our time in our living room, so for us, it's really important that this space is not only beautiful and has ALL of the vibes, but more importantly it must be functional. Today, I am sharing my media wall built in plans that are going to be the focal point of our living room!

The goal is to provide a ton of storage in a beautiful way. I plan to store all of my son Kailo's toys here because let's be honest, children's toys are not the most aesthetically pleasing! He will be able to easily access his things and I can be happy as the clean, clutter free freak that I am, everyone wins!

The tall cabinet towers are going to feature an open-box cane webbing door front while the rectangular center module will be solid wood. I love the contrast between the cane and wood that will add loads of texture! We will use brass hardware simply because brass is my favorite. For the finishing touch, we plan to install vertical shiplap that will really elevate this wall without being too overpowering.

I am so excited to watch my vision come to life and will be sure to share the process as it unravels!


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