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Media Wall Built-In Reveal

Updated: May 19, 2022

Today I am finally revealing our media wall built-ins with all its' sources!

To say I am blown away with the finished outcome of our media wall is an understatement! This was our first big DIY project and my husband Anthony truly made my vision come to life...and it‘s even better than I imagined!

All of our cabinet bases are from Ikea's custom kitchen cabinetry. We are actually really impressed with the quality of the cabinets and are so glad we decided to go this route which saved us thousands of dollars! To achieve a more elevated aesthetic, we opted to use Semihandmad door fronts as opposed to Ikea's door front offering. Semihandmade is a company that makes custom door fronts specifically for Ikea cabinetry and I could not recommend them enough! I was able to work with a specialist who helped me create a shopping cart and make sure we got everything we needed to build out our media wall. The paint we selected for the cabinetry is Tapestry Beige at 75% intensity by Benjamin Moore and Simply White for the shiplap also by Benjamin Moore. I love how the soft creamy color of the cabinetry provides such a sense of serenity against the white shiplap for subtle contrast. Finally, my favorite feature of all, the radio weave cane webbing! This material is what brings everything together through its' quiet texture and the way it compliments every single detail that meets the eye. We stained the cane a slightly darker color with Minwax wood stain for an even more organic feel.

This project is so special to us and although it was a lot of work, late nights and countless trips to Lowe's, the feeling of coming together, dreaming up something and bringing it to life is beyond gratifying! The simple act of watching TV, or our son walking up and opening it's doors to grab his toys brings about a feeling of joy that is unlike anything we've ever experienced.

So, without further ado... I am so excited to share the media wall of our dreams and I hope you enjoy staring at it as much as we do!

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